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The enthusiast art teacher at my secondary school piqued my interest in drawing and painting when I was eighteen years old. But my talent laid dormant for almost fifty years. Not until my retirement was on the horizon, I activated my talent by attending oil painting workshops and guided lessons in a physical painter's studio. Without any prior knowledge or experience I learned the fundamental basics of oil painting for beginners in late 2018 and 2019. From 2020 onward I have been sharpening my skills in colourful realism and realism-impressionism painting techniques that are based on the old masters’ methods. 

'I keep on making what I cannot yet do, in order to learn how to do it' (quote Vincent van Gogh, 1885)

In this gallery I show you my achievements. The paintings are not for sale.

20.Mystieke Zonsopkomst IMG_8348.JPG

Mystieke zonsopkomst

Mystic sunrise

Oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm (May 2023)

19.Onder de kastanjes 7654.JPG

Onder de kastanjes

Under the chestnut trees

Oil on canvas 60 x 120 cm (December 2022)

Op klompen naar de maan en terug.JPG

Op klompen naar de maan en terug

On clogs to the moon and back

Oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm (October 2022)




Oil on canvas 40 x 80 cm (July 2022)




Oil on canvas 40x60 cm (April  2022, inspired by Spartaco Lombardo)


Zonnig bloemschikken

Arranging a sunny bouquet

Oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm (April 2022)

Hooiroken in zomers weiland.JPG

Hooiroken in een zomers weiland

Haycocks on a summer meadow

Oil on oil colour paper 40 x 50 cm (May 2022)


De Nederlandse droom van sneeuw, ijs en schaatsen

The Dutch dream of snow, ice and skating

Oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm (January 2022)


Stralende herfstkleuren

Radiant autumn colours

Oil on canvas 100x40 cm (November 2021)


Exotische schoonheid

Exotic beauty

Oil on canvas 50x60 cm (August 2021)

Schilderij apr 2021.JPG


Half full colour

Oil on canvas 50x60 cm (April 2021)

Martin Looten-1632.jpg

Marten Looten

Rembrandt painting (1632)

Oil on canvas 40x50 cm (March 2021, Rembrandt painting)

Grootmoeder's lieveling.JPG

Grootmoeders lieveling

Grandmother's darling

Oil on canvas 60x60 cm (December 2020)



Cows are my favourite animals. Always social, curious and playful.

Oil on canvas 60x40 cm (August 2020)

Verstilde winterwereld.JPG

Verstilde winterwereld

Hushed silence of winter

Oil on canvas 40x50 cm (March 2020)


Idyllisch wegdromen

Dreaming away in an idyllic spot

Oil on canvas 50x60 cm (January 2020)

Kleurrijk buitenbeentje.JPG

Kleurrijk buitenbeentje

Colourful outsider

Oil on canvas 30x40 cm (September 2019)

Hello, it's me.JPG

Hello, it's me

Portrait of singer Adele

Oil on canvas 30x40 cm (March 2019)

Wild en verfrissend.JPG

Wild en verfrissend

Wild and refreshing

Oil painting on canvas 40x50 cm (December 2018)
My second oil painting ever




Oil on canvas 30x30 cm (November 2018)
My first oil painting ever.

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